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Discounts on Insurance in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana requires by law that motorist have these minimums on their insurance policy: bodily injury liability limits $15,000.00 per injured person, property damage liability coverage minimum $25,000.00. This basic coverage is often referred to as the 15/30/25 coverage. You can find Louisiana Discount Auto Insurance by shopping around. This is the only way you can be assured that you are saving money. The average car insurance rates have lowered by 12% in 2010 compared to the rates in 2009. Right there is some savings. The rate you will pay will also depend on the county that you live in.


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Many factors are taken into consideration when you apply for car insurance. For example, the person who is constantly getting speeding tickets will end up paying much more for their insurance than the person who has never gotten a ticket. Age also plays a big factor in the cost of how much you will pay. If you are male, under the age of 25, you will be paying more for your insurance than a female of the same age. It may not be right, but it is thought that males will take more chances than females. Make sure you shop around when getting insurance, it can save you money.

One of the best way to "Shop Around" is to put your zip code in the box either above or below, fill out all the quote requests and wait a few hours and those discount auto insurance quotes will be coming to you.


One of the main questions I hear all the time is "How much liability should I get to protect my family?" That is a hard question to answer being that each state is different and requires different amounts.
Here's a handy chart showing the Minimum requirements for Louisiana and what the average driver in Louisiana choose as the coverage amounts.


Louisiana State Requirements



Most Common 

Bodily Injury Liability



Property Damage Liability



Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury


Not Required

Medical Payment


Not Required



Not Required
500 Deductible



Not Required
50 Deductible


Looking for insurance information for the State of Louisiana? You can find it at:

Louisiana Department Of Insurance

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